School project A to Z project - Keur Mame El Hadj District Thies, Senegal - Philia Foundation
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School project A to Z project – Keur Mame El Hadj District Thies, Senegal

School project A to Z project – Keur Mame El Hadj District Thies, Senegal

action performed


toilet facilities for pupils and teachers


PCs with Internet and WiFi connections


books for school library


Desk for purpils

In 2019, the A to Z multi-phase project, which is a collaboration between Philia Foundation, a local association Les amis de l’hôpital and a group of SUP de Co Business School students, targeted a complete renovation of the EL Hadji Amadou Barro Ndiéguène School for 1080 pupils in one of the poorest districts of Thies.

Renovation efforts, entirely financed by Philia Foundation, commenced on 4 July 2019 and swiftly progressed towards completion, culminating in an important inauguration ceremony on 7 October, which was attended by the local community and authorities, as well as all participants in the project. Philia Foundation was represented by its Managing Director Dr Zouheir Bichra who personally supervised the project.

The project was broken into several phases to cover redecoration, refurbishment and extension of the school’s building and all classrooms, construction of 42 toilet facilities for pupils and teachers, creation of a library and a computer lab, construction of a basketball and football playgrounds and laying of paving stones over the school’s yard of 2000 m². The library has been supplied with sufficient reading material and the computer lab equipped with 22 PCs, Internet and WiFi connections, a printer and an air-conditioning unit. In each classroom, lighting units have been installed.

The project envisage continued collaboration with the Business School students and further development of the school’s curriculum.

We aim to ensure that each child develop interests beyond the classroom. We offer them various after school programs with opportunities to develop interest in sport, art / literature or science technology. We have created  for them the following extracurricular activities:
– Information Technology Club to learn computer programming language basics
– Culture and Drama Club to expose our kids to basics of African theatre
– Scrabble Club to have fun, enhance linguistic skills and boost their word bank
– Chess Game Club to make new friend, compete and improve their game
– Sports Club and benefit from the multisport field