Partnership with SOS Cancer - NIGER - Philia Foundation
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Partnership with SOS Cancer – NIGER


Partnership with SOS Cancer – NIGER

The partnership with SOS Cancer in Niger, which was established in August 2018, continued in 2019. Further to the completion of a 2018 project, when a dedicated SOS Cancer health centre opened in Niamey, a new phase of cooperation was agreed, whereby Philia Foundation would support the NGO’s activities over a period of three years.

The collaboration with SOS Cancer in Niger targets cervical and breast cancer prevention and treatment. According to the latest report produced by the NGO in early October 2019, the total number of patients screened for cancer in the regions of Doutchi and Madaoua stood at 1806, out of which 82 cases resulted cancer positive and were referred for further tests not available in the region, the cost of which would be covered.

Philia Foundation has continued to support the SOS Cancer Health Centre in Niamey, which treats pre-cancerous cervical lesion cases and provides annual monitoring thereafter. Patients with advanced cervical cancer are provided with palliative care and breast cancer tumours are treated at the Centre, including some with chemotherapy. The partnership ensured that the Centre is fully equipped and operational and can provide adequate services away from Niamey through the use of a purposefully purchased and equipped mobile medical minibus, the so called “Caravane de l’Espoir” (Caravane of Hope).

Through the partnership with Philia Foundation, in 2019 SOS Cancer competed installation of two screening rooms, purchased material for a colonoscopy room and a pre-cancerous lesion surgery room, and put in place an extensive training, education and prevention programme.