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About Philia foundation



We believe that a business cannot expand in isolation from the society around it. We believe that we have the power to create positive change. That is why we voluntarily commit ourselves to address some of the most critical issues today, such as the lack of access to healthcare and education as root causes of poverty in Africa.

Barriers to healthcare are numerous. The World Health Organisation (WHO) outlines four key dimensions that reduce access to health services: availability, geographic accessibility, affordability and acceptability. Philia Foundation’s focus on improving healthcare for communities in Africa as its primary area for social investment addresses the WHO’s principles.

Lack of access to education remains high everywhere in the world, especially for the poorest populations and girls. Quality education is essential for development and is a fundamental right of every child. Yet, according to UNESCO,  59 million children of primary school age are out of school. Of these, 30 million live in sub-Saharan Africa. The lack of financial means, teachers, schools and  materials, as well as such barriers as  a long distance from home to school, unsafe and unstable living conditions, poor nutrition, child labour, or the simple fact of being a girl are some of many factors that hamper access to education.

Our philanthropic goals

Our main goal is to improve access to health and education for the most underprivileged people in Africa. Providing our support to populations at risk and in emergency situations has been and still is our priority. To live up to these values, Philia Foundation was formally created in July 2017, as an independent philanthropic arm of Philia Group.


History of our support to people at risk

Prior to the establishment of Philia Foundation, Philia Group had financially supported teams of professionals in healthcare and education. The Company’s long-term engagement in humanitarian action is reflected in the implementation of projects in Morocco, Senegal, Niger, and the Republic of Congo.

Food security and emergency healthcare in Morocco (2014) >>
Primary education and women’s healthcare in Senegal (2014) >>
Integrated education and medical mission in Niger (2013) >>
Cross-border Emergency Response in Congo (2012) >>

Drawing on these experiences and fruitful collaborations, Philia Group decided to give more strategic thinking and structure to its philanthropic activities. This led to the creation of Moryna in 2015.

Moryna is a non-profit organisation registered in Switzerland. It is mainly devoted to implementing humanitarian projects that address emergency situations and participating in disaster-relief efforts. Prior to the establishment of Philia Foundation, Moryna was the primary vehicle  for Philia Group’s philanthropic activities.

Philia Foundation’s mission is to invest sustainably in people and marginalised communities in order to improve health and education in Africa. The Foundation’s core values are integrity, accountability, ambition, and collaboration. Our work is non-discriminatory and neutral on all levels, whether  political, ideological or religious.

While accomplishing its philanthropic goals, Philia Foundation abides by three fundamental principles:

  • Providing hands-on support to people in need, which means going beyond financial assistance.
  • Leveraging in-country competencies and cross-border partner networks, which means strengthening local capabilities and autonomy.

Aligning the grant decision-making with a deep understanding of the local context, which means assessing adequately cultural, social and economic stakes and challenges, risks and opportunities